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I am an artist who uses storytelling as a central element within all the art-forms I create. I am inspired by stories as a basis for performance and theatre works, exhibitions & installations, environmental art, community arts projects, audio art works and audio art walks, podcasts and the interdisciplinary gathering of groups of these to create experiences which inform and engage the community in which the work is to be presented.

From a family background of storytelling, I work as a storyteller returning to the traditional stories which are connected to me and my life, family and community. In Maenad Theatre of Calgary, Canada, I worked as director, performer, playwright and collaborator developing new works for theatre – the focus of the company was to create a more balanced and healthier gender perspective in the stories being told and in the storytellers.

I am an art manager and event producer based in the Highlands of Scotland, but I travel extensively to create my work.  This site features a selection of personal art projects and work with arts organisations in creating artworks and events I have built.

Browse through my art, education and other projects; listen to some audio in the audio section or jump to videos for a scrapbook of storytelling performances and a series of other web based projects.  

As a woman who has spent her life in creating art and arts experiences my focus is the collaboration of art and the community – artistic and general – with a desire to create an understanding of the value and beauty of art within life.

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