WILD is an exciting work in development in

collaboration with Muriel Ann MacLeod.

WILD will delve into our relationship with the great and powerful eagle. From those tales of eagles snatching babies to the more real and present relationship we have as protector and threat to these powerful yet vulnerable birds. It will delve into the tensions and conflicts of how we live in the natural world today and how much we understand and care about our natural environment.

Created as a storytelling performance incorporating adult puppetry, verbatim interviews, multi-media and live music. WILD will present a moody, visually exciting, fast paced and immersive theatre piece built to provoke the audience to take action on environmental issues.


This is a work in development by Alexandria Patience and Muriel Ann MacLeod for performance in 2017.

We are creating WILD in a multi-venue format – indoor and outdoor.

We are looking for interested venues and promoters to support this development and can offer an outreach community programme on the incorporated arts – storytelling, puppetry and music.

We are also interested in hearing from anyone with information or an informed perspective on any related issues.

WILD Images by Laurie Campbell by kind permission of the North Harris Trust.

Stories become ‘traditional’ because they have stood the test of time and travel on from teller to teller.

Who: We perform for anyone and prefer mixed-age audiences – adults, families with children - 8yrs +

Where: We perform outdoors or indoors, theatre or arts venue, village hall or tent, boat or barge – if we haven’t done it already, we’d love to try it.

What: We perform in the following ways:

Theatre – 2 sets with intermission.

Festival –multiple 1 hour shows.

Workshop/performance – story & music workshop followed by performance by Alex & Donald, incorporating the workshop participants, if they choose.

What else: Our informal “ceilidh” style encourages audience members to share in the performance.

Alex has extensive experience in theatre, fine & community arts. She is a performer, storyteller, director, interdisciplinary artist and cultural event creator.

Donald is a multi-instrumentalist - keyboard, guitar, mandola, banjo, fiddle, creating original jazz to folk style music to texture the storylines.

Story Ceilidh

For more information about either of these projects please get in touch:

Alex | patienceart@yahoo.co.uk | +44 (0)7599 760 798

Muriel Ann | muriel@ruralnations.com